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SignToLogin SignToLogin

SignToLogin is an app that allows you and your business partners to sign documents digitally and to be sure that the document wasn't changed from outside of the app. You can see the information about the person who signed a document such as name, the place on map where he signed the document, IP address and percentage of the signature authenticity.

SignToLogin is a cloud platform that allows integrating a biometric system of verification by handwritten signature into a corporate IT-infrastructure or its elements: ERP systems, document management systems (DMS), accounting software systems, etc. SignToLogin service may be useful for billing systems as well as they often demand high level security passwords that are rather difficult to remember and sometimes even to re-type.

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SignPass SignPass

SignPass is a new and innovative app made to manage and secure the passwords you use everyday. Forget having to remember dozens of passwords across numerous websites. SignPass will allow you to store links and passwords on your device and protect them with a personalized unique signature. Retrieving those links and passwords will be as simple as recreating your unique signature on your device.

"Why SignPass?"

Saves you time! - no longer you will be tasked with remembering your many different passwords or requesting new ones when you can't.

It's absolutely secure, - your links and passwords are stored on your smartphone only when your personal signature is verified in a secure, encrypted cloud server.

Easy to use!
- four simple steps:
1. Download app SignPass.
2. Create an account with basic information.
3. Create signature profile by signing 10 times.
4. Store links and passwords.

Download SignPass from appstore for free.

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